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  • How much blood is required for preparing myHYPPP® personalised therapy?

    The volume of blood required depends on the intended use. For Liquid Lifting procedures, typically 20-30ml of blood is obtained. Since HYPPP can be stored at low temperature for considerable time, it is then possible to have multiple treatments (at 4 to 6 week intervals), planned over a 3 month period. This is advised in order to generate a more long-lasting effect. For preparing a personalised HYPPP Cream®, or other skincare product, typically 15-20ml of blood is obtained depending on the strength of the product, as determined by your doctor.

  • How long does it take to prepare myHYPPP personalised therapy?

    Blood is normally obtained between 4 and 7 days before the procedure. Your doctor then prepares the blood for collection of HYPPP. For a skincare product or planned injection you will therefore have your blood taken at least 4-7 days beforehand.

  • What is the shelf-life of HYPPP® Products?

    After preparation, HYPPP can be stored at -20°C and remains stable and bioactive for at least 3 months. Within this time frame, it is possible to adjust the timing of a procedure. HYPPP Cream® remains stable and bioactive for at least 3 months when stored under +5°C (e.g. in a refrigerator).

  • How long do the results from HYPPP® injections last?

    Treatment with HYPPP injections leads to the formation of a natural gel-matrix that integrates within the deep skin layer. This provides a long-lasting regenerative effect through an improvement in the biomechanical properties of skin (e.g. elasticity, tightness) and new tissue formation. Over time, due to the natural remodeling of the fibrin matrix that forms after HYPPP treatment, a gradual reduction in achieved volume is to be expected. The precise duration of these effects will depend on the number of treatments, site of injection, patient age and the initial state of tissue structure.

  • Is there a risk of an allergic reaction?

    Since HYPPP is completely cell-free and only contains components from the patient's own blood, unlike conventional fillers that may contain animal or synthetic components, there is virtually no risk of an allergic or inflammatory reaction. The safety of HYPPP Cream® for dermatological use has been validated with a standardized in vitro skin irritation test (EpiSkin™ Model, OECD 439).

  • Is there any discomfort during an injection procedure?

    Treatment with HYPPP is safe, quick and uncomplicated, and it is done as an outpatient procedure at your doctor’s office, under local anesthesia. When necessary, your doctor can provide you with additional pain-relief medication after the procedure. Any swelling or redness resulting from the procedure normally subsides within a week.

  • Is it possible to have myHYPPP® product delivered to me, once it has been prepared at the doctor’s office?

    Yes, it should be possible for a small extra cost to have the product delivered to you in cool packaging. Please enquire about this at your doctor’s office.

  • What is the difference between myHYPPP® and other blood-based therapies?

    Most blood-based therapies (e.g. PRP, PRFM, ACP®) utilize centrifugation of blood in order to produce plasma that is rich in platelets (PRP; platelet-rich plasma). Platelets are a type of blood cell involved in heamostasis (blood clotting). While platelets contain a range of growth factors involved in wound healing, their simple concentration through centrifugation results in an increase in both stimulatory as well as inhibitory factors. myHYPPP® therapy utilizes blood conditioning instead of centrifugation. This results in the exposure of blood cells (white blood cells and platelets) to conditions that are similar to those encountered within a wound (hypoxia, i.e. low oxygen tension). Therefore, instead of simply concentrating a specific subset of cells, blood cells are stimulated under hypoxia to produce the correct concentrations and ratios of growth factors that naturally drive tissue repair and regeneration. This technology is superior to PRP, since the balance of growth factors in the mixture is determined by the individual’s cellular responses to hypoxia, rather than externally controlled by blood cell concentration through centrifugation. Moreover, myHYPPP® therapies are completely cell-free, in contrast to platelet-rich products, and can therefore be safely applied onto skin, without any risk of an allergic or inflammatory reaction. With the myHYPPP® system, your doctor can thus prepare a personalised and fully bioactive product that is unique and beneficial for you.

Enter the world of personalised & bioactive rejuvenation