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lies within you.

What is myHYPPP?

myHYPPP® is a new, innovative therapy for skin rejuvenation and regeneration. It was developed by scientists and plastic and aesthetic surgeons. Skin regeneration requires essentially the same natural processes that drive the healing of wounds. It is therefore not surprising that the roots of our therapy can be traced back to over 10 years of research in the area of wound healing. myHYPPP® personalised and bioactive treatments are based on the utilization of cell-free growth factor compositions, termed Hypoxia Preconditioned Products (HYPPP), that are obtained from your own blood.

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Our Story

It was still at the beginning of this millennium when the promise of a new era in attaining eternal youth was introduced and advertised from New York to Paris to Munich. This beautiful town, at the foot of the Alps, was home to a Princess who felt inspired by this, and kept searching for the secret of how to freeze the passage of time. She tried many different products from around the world, but they never seemed to fulfil their promise. One day, on a journey, the princess` mother developed a wound on her foot. While small, the wound could not heal. They went to see various doctors, but sadly none of the treatments helped. Finally, they came across a doctor in the United Kingdom who had spent over 10 years researching a wound healing therapy based on own blood. Miraculously the treatment worked, completely closing the wound. Overwhelmed with joy, the Princess asked the doctor to aid her in her quest to defeat time and sustain her youth. Using the same technology as foundation, they worked together to create the first personalised and bioactive rejuvenation cream, comprising Hypoxia Preconditioned Products. This was the moment that HYPPP® was born.

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Enter the world of personalised & bioactive rejuvenation