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Meet the Team

Dr. Hektor Panayi


Dr. Hektor Panayi (Greek; Ektoras Hadjipanayi / Έκτορας Χατζηπαναγής) is a plastic surgeon with an expertise in surgical and non-surgical rejuvenation procedures. His profound knowledge in the areas of skin ageing and regeneration is backed by over 10 years of clinical and research experience in wound healing and angiogenesis (formation of new blood vessels). Having studied medicine at the renowned University of Cambridge (UK) he moved on to complete a PhD at University College London (UK). He then carried out his surgical training in Munich, under the acclaimed plastic and reconstructive surgeon Prof. Dr. Milomir Ninkovic. Over a decade, he has researched the application of low oxygen tension (hypoxia) as a stimulus for inducing angiogenic growth factor signaling by cells on demand. This work resulted in a number of breakthrough publications and patents, and led him to collaborate with the acclaimed scientist Prof. A. F. Schilling at the Technical University of Munich. Together they pioneered the use of Hypoxia Preconditioned Products (HYPPP) derived from peripheral blood, as a means to promote angiogenesis and improve tissue perfusion. Based on this, they developed the EmaCure therapy as a novel approach to treat chronic wounds. Their joined work has attracted significant public attention, and awarded them multiple prizes including the German Innovation Prize for Biotechnology (2013), the TUM IdeAward (2013) and the Science4Life Prize (2016). Driven by his deep appreciation of beauty and understanding of the importance of aesthetic appearance, Dr. Panayi has developed a close collaboration with Dr. Princess Sarah von Isenburg, with the shared vision to make personalised and bioactive skin care a reality. myHYPPP® is the realization of their common dream.

Dr. Princess Sarah von Isenburg


Dr. Princess Sarah von Isenburg is a Munich-based plastic surgeon, who has dedicated herself in preserving and reconstructing beauty and function at multiple levels (surgical and non-surgical). She received her medical diploma at the Technical University Munich (TUM) in 2007 and was awarded her doctorate “Dr.med.” from the Technical University Munich (TUM) for her thesis in 2009. Initially she began her specialisation at the Department of Trauma Surgery at Hospital Munich Schwabing in 2008. The major part of her specialisation took place at the Department of Plastic, Reconstructive, Hand- and Burn Surgery at Bogenhausen Hospital, after which she received board certification in Plastic and Aesthetic Surgery in 2014. Having acquired profound clinical expertise in wounds, reconstructive and aesthetic surgery, she joined the renowned plastic surgeon, Dr. Constance Neuhann-Lorenz in their Private Clinic in Munich. She has been participating and teaching in many national and international meetings and courses - amongst others in the United States (MSKCC), in Brazil and France (Dr. Daniel Marchac) and is an active member in the humanitarian organisation WomenforWomen by IPRAS. In 2014 she was awarded the EBOPRAS Scientific Fellowship for her extraordinary commitment. She became an expert in skin rejuvenation and the surgical and non-surgical treatment of aged skin. Today her passion is to explore and max out the regenerative power of autologous signal proteins derived from peripheral blood. Together with her colleague Dr. Hektor Panayi she is striving to make this scientific break-through easily accessible to the wide public as myHYPPP®.

Enter the world of personalised & bioactive rejuvenation