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Each person´s different capacity for healing, also means a different need for regeneration.

myHYPPP® is a new, innovative therapy for skin rejuvenation and regeneration. It was developed by scientists and plastic and aesthetic surgeons.

Origins of myHYPPP® therapy

Skin regeneration requires essentially the same natural processes that drive the healing of wounds. It is therefore not surprising that the roots of our therapy can be traced back to over 10 years of research in the area of wound healing (you can find a list of published work here). We had first noticed that while chronically ischaemic tissues (e.g. diabetic ulcers, wounds resulting from limb ischaemia, burns) are constantly exposed to hypoxia (i.e. low oxygen tension), the primary stimulus for angiogenesis (i.e. formation of new blood vessels), they paradoxically appear to have a limited capacity to appropriately respond to hypoxic stress. The reduced ability of tissue to promote new blood vessel formation leads to limited nutrient and oxygen supply, and consequently tissue damage. The mechanism underlying the inadequate generation of compensatory angiogenesis, and subsequently a satisfactory wound healing response, involves a blunting of the ability of cells to increase the expression of growth factors (e.g. VEGF, Angiopoietins). Similarly, during ageing, cellular growth factor responses slow down. The breakthrough finding that led to the development of our therapy was that by exposing selected cell types to hypoxia in vitro, i.e. culturing cells under wound-simulating conditions outside the body, one can stimulate production of angiogenic factor proteins on demand. This provides a solution for overcoming the limited ability of ischaemic and ageing tissue to optimally switch on angiogenesis and repair. With this strategy it is then possible to restart the regenerative process and drive it to completion.

How does myHYPPP® therapy function

The therapy is based on the utilization of cell-free growth factor compositions, termed Hypoxia Preconditioned Products (HYPPP), that are obtained from own blood. The breakthrough ExoWund® technology has a patent pending. For the preparation of the therapy we require a small volume of blood, typically obtained from a peripheral arm vein. The blood is then conditioned outside the body, under conditions that are similar to those found within a wound (low oxygen tension (hypoxia) and physiological temperature (37°C) ). This process results in the stimulation of growth factor production by blood cells. HYPPP comprises a complete set of growth factors, in the natural ratios and concentrations that naturally drive skin regeneration. Since the blood is conditioned, the final product contains significantly higher concentrations of growth factors than those found normally in blood. This mixture of growth factors differs between individuals, and is unique to you. HYPPP is stored under +5°C (e.g. in a refrigerator) and maintains its stability and bioactivity for at least 3 months.

In addition to the increase in stimulatory growth factors, there is a simultaneous decrease in inhibitory factors which is achieved through the hypoxia, during conditioning. Therefore, HYPPP provides an optimized composition of growth factors, similar to the one that would have been produced in the body, over time, under normal wound healing conditions. HYPPP exerts its effects through the activation of specific cells (e.g. fibroblasts, endothelial cells, stem cells) in the deep skin layer (dermis). This process functions at the molecular level via the low oxygen tension (hypoxia)-induced signaling of growth factors present in HYPPP. This signaling leads to the production of new collagen, elastin, glycosaminoglycans and nourishing blood vessels. The innovative HYPPP Bi-Phase® technology (patent pending) allows the precise control of growth factor concentration. Since the size of HYPPP growth factors (e.g. VEGF, MMP-9) is significantly smaller than that of proteins (e.g. collagen, hyaluronic acid) commonly found in cosmetic products (see graph), it can penetrate the skin more effectively. Through the incorporation of special Liposomes, and the removal of the large molecule fibrinogen from the composition, factor penetration into the dermis is further increased.

Why myHYPPP®

While most cosmetic products and fillers provide adequate skin hydration, they lack the ability to actively support the biological processes (e.g. collagen production, cell migration and proliferation, new vessel formation) that slow down during ageing. The reason for this is that skin cells can only interpret and respond to growth factor (GF) signals. In particular, optimal skin regeneration requires a specific composition of GFs, that is unique to each individual. Our studies have demonstrated that not only is the growth factor response of cells to stress (e.g. hypoxia) different between individuals, but also the degree to which cellular processes (e.g. cell migration) are driven by such GFs significantly differs. Rather than a simple ‘one-size-fits-all‘ approach, we believe that everyone deserves unique care that is personalised & bioactive. The unique care that nature intended for you.

Enter the world of personalised & bioactive rejuvenation